Child Sponsorship::
IMAGINE, one day the child lives in the street or slum, with a piece
of plastic to cover themselves, one meal a day, no school and poor
future with no one to believe in them,  Next Day with YOUR help ,  a
Sponsor family who will support with only 60USD / 38 British
Pounds a month and 150USD/ 85 Britsh Pounds Start up fee, for needs,
the child can find Themselves on a new
mattress, on a warm bed, in a secure and caring enviroment in a good
boarding school, with new clothes/uniforms, 3 meals a day and good
education, new identity, new foster family and a new sponsor family,
and a new future ,  not commercial and 100% transparent!

You will meet your child several times on Skype, get contact details
to the School, and Foster family, copy of school records and invoices
if requested.  Only 10% of all donations goes to administration To
support other Orphans in the academy without a Sponsor family, renting
Sports facilities ,facilitating coaches, paying medical treatment to
other Orphans without a sponsor family etc
Uganda Youth Soccer Academy Ministry effective 1st January, 2013 wants to show you how the
money is Spent!

This is how we spend the contribution from our sponsor families:

The start amount for the first month is 150 USD / 85 GBP  and the next following terms you as a
sponsor pays 60 USD / 38 GBP per month for the child.

From the start 60 dollars of the 150 USD is used to buy all three school uniforms, full class uniform
with shirts, shorts, tie, sweater, stockings, full sports wear, and after class uniforms while 65 dollars
go to other needs as a new mattress,blanket, bed sheets, metal box case where the children keep
all their belongings whereas Only 10% of all donations go to administration to support other Orphans
in the academy who didn't get a Sponsor family, renting Sports facilities, facilitating coaches,
paying medical treatment to other Orphans without a sponsor family and all the other needs that may arise.
Bank Transfer

Account name               -   YOUTH SOCCER MINISTRY
Bank Account Number        -   0102815519400
Name of the consumer bank  -   STANDARD CHARTERED BANK LTD
City of the consumer bank  -   KAMPALA,UGANDA
Branch Code                -   SPEKE ROAD
SWIFT / BIC code           -   SCBLUGKA
Bank branch name           -   SPEKE ROAD
Beneficiary Bank Routing Code  -   SCBLUGKA

Become a Sponsor

Fill out the form if you wish to support a child. After you submit your data you will be contacted by a UYSA representative regarding your decision who will assist you through the last few steps of becoming a sponsor and answer any other related questions you may have. There is no obligation with submitting the form.

Please feel free to contact us with further questions,

Once again thanks for your interest to get involved with our work to transform lives of poor Orphans

Best regards,