UYSA Volunteer and charity has proved to be a life-changing experience for everyone. The kids at the Academy and the many kids surviving in the slums. The  desire to give your  time or expertise for the  benefit of all the children is of vital importance especially when a personal trip to UYSA is not possible.

There are many areas of need where you can ‘volunteer’ your time. Volunteer  from your own home, thru your local organizations,  thru your church,  school,  your own circle of friends and family.

You can GIVE A HAND UP within 3 major areas.  Education, Health Care and UYSA Projects

EDUCATION - Nursery Schools have virtually no toys, games books, pencils etc.Toys, Craft Supplies,  Simple Learning Tools.

Orphaned children in the slums have no means available to them to go to school. UYSA Volunteers tell us they are bright and eager to learn to read and write, but there are no tools,  pencils, paper supplies or toys available.

Volunteer to collect the basic supplies you would find in any nursery school.  Encourage your friends to do the same. They would be so welcomed by the volunteers when they visit the children to teach them simple reading and writing skills.

Donate Now: Crayons, paper to draw on, story books.  Flash cards of the 1, 2, 3’s   the A. B.C’s.  Addition & Subtraction flash cards  Simple games,  Pencils, Construction paper, Coloring books.   Jump ropes for the girls,  Stuffed animals for the little kids, dolls, small cars and trucks. Age appropriate games and toys for boys and girls.


Malaria is the leading cause of death & illness in Uganda. Untreated mosquito bites kill thousands of  little children, most never live beyond their 5th birthday.

HIV/AIDS causes most adult deaths. 50% of Uganda's 24 million orphans have been orphaned  because of HIV/AIDS  deaths of one or both of their parents.

Malnutrition and Typhoid Fever are underlying causes of approximately 60% of children deaths.  Unsafe drinking water leads to typhoid fever attacks, these attacks go untreated. Sanitation combined with poor hygiene account for high rates of diarrhea disease and death.

UYSA “Sleep Safely” Campaign. 
Slum children, for the most part sleep out in open  buildings without any protection from being  bitten by malaria carrying mosquitoes.  The bites go untreated. Malaria occurs and  thousands of little  children die.

**** Every $10 donation the UYSA receives,  brand new mosquito netting will be given to a children to cover themselves while they sleep so they don't get bitten by mosquitoes.Dental Hygiene Children of all ages don't know what it is to have a tooth brush and brush their teeth.

**** Collect  Tooth brushes and tubes of tooth paste. Volunteers will distribute to the kids along with a tooth brushing lesson.


We all know ‘kids can  be kids’.  They play, they run, they climb, they jump! A  fund or account  needs to be established so when medical emergencies occur the UYSA Staff can immediately get  medical attention for sponsored kids.  Malaria attacks break out without notice,  immediate treatment is required.  Kids fall, get stomach aches, get bitten; if you have children you no doubt have experienced these emergencies.  You're immediate focus is to get your child to a doctor.

UYSA needs to establish such a fund. Currently emergency medical expenses are paid by the Academy. As the Academy grows  a  regulated fund needs to be established and is considered a vital attribute to the growing reputation of the Uganda Youth Soccer Academy.

Hand Crafted Jewelry Sales made by Native Kampala Mothers

UYSA assists the poor Mothers in Kampala by helping them sell their beautiful, hand-crafted bracelets and necklaces.  We have created a flyer with pictures and description of the jewelry. Ordering information is on the flyer.  Place the flyers in your booth as ‘Take-Aways. All sales are shared with the Mothers so they can provide food and clothing for their children.

Fund Raising Ideas

Hold an Afternoon Tea!  Entertain guests with raffles, auctions and donated baked items.

Arts/Crafts Booth!  Ideal for ladies and Senior Citizens.  Many make hand crafted items for sale to make extra money.

Have a Garage Sale!   Sell your no-longer-needed, nearly new  belongings and share a portion of your sales with a donation to UYSA.

Do you have a sports event at your school, college, football game, soccer game?  We'll make up flyers and you had them out to folks as they come in to watch the game.  Or.  easier… ask permission of the venue site to place flyers on the cars in the parking lot. They can easily be tucked under the wiper blades.

A Note When Sending Items to UYSA -  Shipping Address:

Uganda  Youth Soccer Academy

Attention: Mr Ivan Kakembo, Director

PO Box 29721

Kampala, Uganda

#1 Always include UYSA telephone number

#2 Mark the Customs Form Clearly: Donation, Not For Resale Charity Gift (This is important so Custom Fees will not be added.

#3 Uganda has no postal code

#4. For confirmation of above information, Email Ivan Kakembo at
#5 For flyer requests please send to our email address: