Economic Impact of Epidemic Malaria in Uganda Malaria is endemic to the poorest countries in the world, causing 300 to 500 million clinical cases and more than one million deaths each year. More than 90% of malaria deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa (approximately 3,000 deaths each day), and almost all the deaths are children younger than […]
Empowering Girls and Women in Urban Slums, is an entrepreneurial skills Development Project, developed and being implemented by Uganda Youth Soccer Academy to benefit Orphaned Girls, widowed women and Single Mothers in Urban Slums in Uganda. […]
Our Campaign With no cure or vaccine in sight for the last 20 years, Prevention as a social vaccine is a very important area to focus on in preventing the further spread of HIV/AIDS. The vast majority of people do not have HIV/AIDS and we can still do much to ensure that they stay safe. […]
161 innocent children are languish in Ugandan Prisons because of crimes committed by their mothers. Similar to other children her age, 10-year-old Sylvia Nyiraseggiyava wanted to become a doctor after her education. She enjoyed education at Kamengo Primary School and lived a normal childhood until her life’s time clock momentarily stalled. While at school, Sylvia […]
The Uganda Youth Soccer Academy (UYSA), a sport and career development ministry, would like to invite you, as an individual or a club or as an organization to participate in a project that will change the lives of disadvantaged children in low resourced communities. We promise you, the difference you make in their lives, will […]
Hand crafted by Ugandan women who crete these unique, one-of-a kind necklaces. Truly beautiful, they vary in color and length (60 inches). Beautiful for every occasion and ideal for birthdays, holidays, Valentine’s Day, and Thank You gifts. Let us choose one or more for you. With every $25.00 donation, you will own a lovely necklace. Support UYSA children “Sleep Safely” project and help a mother feed her family for three days. […]
Over 800,000 lives are lost worldwide through suicides due to mental health related issues. This is not inevitable in the slums and areas where UYSA is involved given the poor state of the people in those areas. With this concern UYSA added mental health relief through sports activities mainly football to its projects as there was a need to revive the communities given the family negligence, violence, drug abuse and arising suicide treats in these areas.    […]